One adventure ends and another begins!

We were all up this morning at 4am – it’s hard to sleep when your body feels like it is 10am! 

Maria went back to West Perry Middle School this morning to teach seventh grade.  Her students and fellow teachers welcomed her with streamers, balloons, and welcome back messages all over her chalkboard!

Both Nicholas’ and Thomas’ classes cheered when they arrived in school today.  They each made a grand entrance after school began because we had to wait for the re-registration process to be completed.  Poor Thomas had to take  a one hour state standardized test today, and his tests continue all week.  But they were excited to see their friends after being away for so long.

After finishing with the process of getting the boys back to school today, I found myself missing the short walk to a coffee bar, getting a gelato, listening to the random ringing of church bells, having colorful money, and hearing people speak italian.  But then I also found myself in awe of the wide open fields of grass, huge parking spaces, american music on the radio, our clothes dryer, and the beautiful view from our back porch.  So it is good to be home, but I will always miss Florence.   

Our experience in Florence was just simply amazing, and we appreciate all of you who followed us the last three months – especially Mom, Sal, Tim, Heidi, Nancy, Amy, John, Chris, Anita and we are flattered that there are so many others! You are all going to have to find something else to read every morning!

So we decided to start another blog – The Einolfs in the USA – It won’t be an everyday blog – our life here just isn’t that exciting!  But subscribe to it, so you get an email when we post something.  Or just check it from time to time!  This way you’ll know what the Einolf Family is up to!

Ciao tutti!


One Response to “One adventure ends and another begins!”

  1. Karen Fuchs Says:

    Karl, I just wanted to thank you for doing this blog it was great being able to keep up with what you guys were doing in Italy….I think it is awesome that you have decided to do another one….I miss seeing Maria everyday and keeping up with your family…..gald you had such a wonderful experience and that you were able to take the entire family

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