We’re Home!

We made it home safe and sound!  Our flights were all on time, and we left Dulles Airport around 2:30pm.  We had to rent a car to get home, and nothing like getting your first driving experience in three months immediately on the 495 beltway around Washington D.C.  I did make one wrong turn on the highway… much to the delight of my passengers.

Our neighbors, the Greiss Family, did a wonderful job keeping an eye on our house while we were gone!  You should see our stack of mail!  I am too tired to upload a picture of it right now.

So here are a couple “pictures of the day” for you.

Here is Paris from the air – no volcanic ash messing up the view.  You can see all the roads leading to the Arc di Triomphe at the bottom right of the picture.


Can you see the Eiffel Tower in this next one? 

And finally – here is what home looked like this afternoon – 121 Fieldstone Drive!  Our pear tree out front was damaged last fall in a wind storm, and it looks like spring didn’t help much… 

So one more blog post tomorrow!  The boys go back to school to share all of their wonderful stories of Florence with their classmates!  And a special thank you to all of you who followed our travels in Italy!  So check it one more time!


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