We’re illegal!

Today marks our 91st day in Italy which means we are now here illegally.  Visitors to the European Union may stay up to 90 days without a visa.  We don’t have visas.  Oh well, deport us!

Today is also a national holiday in Italy.  It is Liberation Day.  On April 25, 1945, Allied forces liberated Italy from fascist control.  So I guess today would not be an appropriate day to arrest some Americans staying in Italy illegally!

But to be safe, we spent the day with Avvocato Giovanni Marchese.  (Avvocato is the title for a lawyer in Italy.)  Giovanni is a criminal defense attorney, so if the carabinieri came looking for us we knew Avvocato Marchese would be on the case!

It was the last time we would be able to get Nicholas and Thomas together with Gabriele and Caterina before we leave.  We do think we will actually be going home on Tuesday!  One student made it home on a flight yesterday, and four are in the air somewhere over the Atlantic as I write this.

We had a wonderful brunch with the Marcheses.  They even surprised me with a birthday cake and a beautiful scarf as a gift.  This coming Thursday is my birthday, and I almost got to celebrate it in Italy!  (Instead, I’ll be eating a hot dog on a baseball field at Thomas’ game on Thursday – assuming we’re not jet-lagged!)

Here are Nicholas and Thomas with Gabrielle and Caterina:

Caterina always does a wonderful prayer for us, and I finally got a videotape of it.  You’ve got to watch this – she is so cute!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPjfncRb4Ww

Then we were treated to a puppet show by Caterina and Thomas.  (Nicholas and Gabriele joined in later!)

One blessing about our extended time in Italy was the extra time we were able to spend with the Marchese Family.  We are going to miss them a lot!


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