We moved out of Via delle Caldaie, 2

We had to move out of our apartment today at Via delle Caldaie, 2.  (House numbers come after the street names here in Italy.)  There are new tenants coming in tomorrow, so we left this morning to allow the owners the afternoon to prepare it for them.  We moved about one building away to the Palazzo Guagagni which is the small hotel where my family stayed back in February.  In fact, we are in the same room that Maria’s mom and my sister, Heidi, shared.

My students came to our rescue and helped us move!  So I didn’t have to make eight trips up and down our stairs with the suitcases and bags.  The hotel is up 117 steps (we counted them back in February), but thankfully there is an elevator.

So here we are in our apartment for the last time.  We will miss our second home in Italy where we lived for three months! 

Note that Thomas is dressed in his summer soccer game outfit for Club Sportivo Firenze.  He had another game today.  All the boys wear either this outfit or a sweatsuit to and from the soccer club on game day.  They get their uniform for the game in the locker room from their coaches. 

Here is the group of students that helped us move this morning at the bottom of our steps!

I videotaped them coming out of our door and dragging our suitcases down the street.  You get a sense of the busy life on our street.  A motorcycle passes, numerous people walk by, and a bicycle tries to get by.  You also see some graffiti on the wall next to our place – it looks rather shabby, but it’s amazing how we don’t even notice it anymore.  Florence is a really beautiful place, and we are going to miss it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIOMyCxHy5k

Once we got to the hotel, I also videotaped the view from the terrace.  You first see the building we used to live in and the street below where we just dragged the suitcases in the previous video.  Then I panned across the Santo Spirito Piazza and ended looking at the Santo Spirito church:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-Vza7pnBfM

We then had lunch at Ricchi’s in the Santo Spirito Piazza.  Ricchi’s has an interior room with over a hundred pictures of what the plain facade of the Santo Spirito church could look like.

Then we went to what should be Thomas’ final soccer match at Club Sportivo Firenze.  Here are the students who came to the game:

Here is Thomas warming up:

And the teams waving to the crowd at the start of the game:

Thomas’ team ended up winning 3-2.  Thomas scored the first C.S. Firenze goal!!!  His teammate, Claudio, ripped a shot that the goalie somehow managed to save.  The ball rebounded right to Thomas who poked the ball into the net.  It tied the score 1-1.  Then Claudio took over and scored two impressive goals.  The other team got a second goal, and they put a lot of pressure on C.S. Firenze.  Yet Thomas’ team prevailed – here they are sliding into the goal to celebrate the victory!    


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