Pitti Party

Another flight out that had three students leaving tomorrow at 7:15am was canceled today!  We are getting used to this news.  The bizarre thing is that it looks like the first Air France Florence to Paris flight since the start of the disaster actually ran this evening.  Perhaps there will not be a plane in Florence to run the 7:15am flight tomorrow.  All the other flights out seem to be operating tomorrow.  So just bad luck for these three students.

But it is a glimmer of hope.  Hopefully, the backlog of passengers will begin to move and we will actually return on April 27th!  Currently the entire Mount St. Mary’s group is scheduled to leave April 27th.

So since we are down on our luck, we decided to have a Pitti Party for ourselves today in front of Palazzo Pitti.  We went to Gusta Pizza, sat on the “lawn”, and had a nice picnic!

It’s almost impossible to get a picture without a couple smooching in the background…


One group of students had to vacate their apartment because new tenants were expected to arrive.  So I went to check out their new digs.  It is really nice – beautiful balcony with a view of the Florence rooftops. 

It turned out that the new tenants had to cancel their trip to Florence, because they couldn’t get here!  So the apartment that we just moved out of is going to another group of guys who have to leave their apartment tomorrow.  Talk about an apartment shuffle! 

And the boys returned to the soccer team here!  Their teammates all knew they hadn’t been able to leave, and they asked them to come back.  They are both playing in games this weekend!  It was nice to see Club Sportivo Firenze again!


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