Geography Quiz

Today has been a quiet day for us.  I think all of us are tired from the excitement of the past week, and we are resting up for what is to come this next week.  Keep praying that the ash cloud blows away from Europe!

While we’ve been visiting Europe, we’ve had Mr. Mike Miller’s Kermit the Frog with us.  Mr. Miller teaches geography at the West Perry Middle School with Maria.  Mr. Miller has been using the pictures in class.

Nicholas’ geography teacher at the Eagle View Middle School, Mr. Rick Hennessey, also does a similar exercise with a Garfield doll.  We didn’t bring Garfield with us, but Mr. Hennessey has been using this blog in class to help teach as well.

So you can compete against the students at Eagle View and West Perry in this Geography Quiz.  Below are ten pictures we’ve taken at various places in Europe.           

Name the landmark, the city, and the country in each picture.  Some cities and countries are used more than once.    Each question is worth 3 points.  Winners get recognized on Monday night’s blog.  To be recognized, you must have your entry in by 3:30pm Eastern time on Monday.  Email me your answers at  Do not put your answers as a comment on the blog!   












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