American Dream

Our American dream is to just be there!  We are currently booked on a flight Tuesday morning, but that is dependent on the airports in Florence and Paris being open obviously!  So keep your fingers crossed!

But if we can’t get the Mount students to America, we’ll bring a little America to them!  I met a family many weeks ago that is from California.  They are living here in Florence for eighteen months.  Their son plays soccer for C.S. Firenze with Nicholas and Thomas.  They are renting an apartment in a building that used to be a convent for monks back in Renaissance times.  The building is on about five acres of land that is behind a big wall in the outskirts of Florence.  You can climb a hill and get a great view of the city.

So I organized an outing today and over a dozen of the students came out to get a little grass under their feet.  We played baseball, kicked around a soccer ball, and enjoyed the scenery.

Here is Darren – the father of the family from California – giving us a little lecture on the background of the property.  During the Renaissance a chapel was built on this hill that overlooks Florence.  In fact, Leonardo da Vinci’s unfinished painting, The Adoration of the Magi currently in the Uffizi, was commissioned for this little chapel.  Years later, Michelangelo recommended that the chapel be torn down because it could be used to store artillery that could be launched over the wall of Florence.  So both Leonardo and Michelangelo, at one time or another, took in the same view as we did today!

Then we all went back down the hill to enjoy the nice day by throwing baseball, kicking around a soccer ball, and just relaxing.  It was a real morale booster for all of us!

Meanwhile, back in Iceland, the volcano continues to spew plane damaging ash into the air.  Let’s hope the winds shift or a storm comes to break it away from Europe!   


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