We are in Florence for a few more days.  The volcanic ash that is spreading over northern Europe canceled thousands of flights – including ours through Paris.  The next possible flight out is TUESDAY!  And we might have to stay until Wednesday to ensure the students all make it home OK.

I am sure that you think we are happy to have a few more days – and we are – but we were also ready to go home.  We were fully packed and ready to go.  Even though our flight was canceled, we were still asked by the AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Study) staff to go to the airport in the off chance they could get a flight for us today.  The Mount students were all doubtful that we were actually going anywhere, but we played along…

If you remember, our apartment has a 61 step climb.  So today I made eight trips up and down the steps with our bags.  I figured that was the equivalent of climbing the 473 steps up the Duomo and then coming down with a 50 pound dumbbell.  And then we got in the cab and went to the airport.

We waited three hours just to be told what we already knew from reading the news online – we wouldn’t be able to leave until Tuesday or Wednesday!  So we got back into cabs and went back home.  And yes, another trip up the Duomo with a 50 pound dumbbell!  I made eight trips back up the steps with all of our bags.  So I am a bit sore.

So we are all thinking about what we are going to do this weekend in Florence.  I am sure we’ll find something to do!

Here we are in the entryway of our apartment ready to go!

Here are the students waiting at the airport:


Maria has a great gift that she can sleep anywhere, anytime!

We’ll keep you updated!  This blog is in OVERTIME!


3 Responses to “Overtime”

  1. Nancy Caric Says:

    Hang in there! We would rather you arrive home safely than not at all! Pens are in town tonight playing Ottawa. Can’t wait to see you and here about your trip. Karl, you should be pretty buff when we see you from carrying all of those bags! Just in time for the beach!!! Love, The Caric Family

  2. Tim Says:

    What did one volcano say to the other? I lava you.

    Never lend a geologist money…. they think a million years ago is recent.

    Knock. Knock.
    Who’s there?
    Ash who ?
    God bless you!

    What is a volcano? A mountain with the hiccups.

    What do you call a cute volcano? Lava-ble.

    I’ll stop for now, because I’m sure you’re erupting with laughter……

  3. einolf Says:

    Awesome! We need some humor!

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