Mount St. Mary’s Farewell to Florence Dinner

Tonight we got together for a farewell dinner with all of the Mount St. Mary’s students.  It is probably the last time all thirty of us will be together here in Florence.  Some of the students are traveling on a different flight than the group on the way home on Friday.  And others are doing some extra traveling this weekend and next week.

It was a very nice evening.  Maria, Nicholas, Thomas, and I got very close to the students here over the last three months, and they’ve become our extended family.  We are going to miss seeing them so regularly!

Before dinner began, I gave a toast and thanked all of the students for all they did to make this such a great experience.  And then the students got me…  in a really awesome surprise, they presented me with a leather jacket as a gift of thanks and appreciation.  It was handmade here in Florence.  I was (and still am) really touched by their thoughtfulness! 


Tomorrow we pack and do those last minute things in Florence.  Like get a large gelato!  And we are planning to go to dinner with our friends Giovanni and Amy! 

So I leave you with a few more pictures from this evening:


And on our walk home, the great Ken Mercer playing in front of the Uffizi!


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