Forza Viola

This is our fourth soccer related post in a row!  But when in Rome (or Florence)…

Today we all did school work during the day.  I spent the entire day with the Mount students.  They are finishing projects and taking final exams!  We were rewarded tonight by going to the stadium and watching our last Fiorentina game – at least until we visit Florence again!  Fiorentina played Internazionale Milano (Inter) in the semifinals of the Italy Cup.  Unfortunately, Fiorentina lost 1-0, but it was still a great time.  We enjoyed the game and the chance to spend the evening with Giovanni and Gabriele.

You can see the highlights of the game we saw at:  I was convinced Inter’s goal was an offsides play, but the replay clearly shows otherwise.  Fiorentina’s defense was caught napping.

There just is nothing like a soccer game here.  Many of the fans are insane!  The crowd continuously sings and chants throughout the game.  Fires are lit in the rowdiest of sections.  I am glad Nicholas and Thomas didn’t understand much of what was being yelled around them!

This video that I uploaded to YouTube shows the scene at the beginning of the game when Fiorentina’s fight song is played while the players take the field.  A fire breaks out in the curva section.    

Here are some pictures from the game:

This is view of the stadium from the street.   

Nicholas, Nicholas’ popcorn, and Thomas.  Nicholas did share a few kernels with the rest of us.

Giovanni, Gabriele, Maria, Nicholas, and Thomas – enjoying the game!

We had great seats – a lot of action at our end.

Some action shots during the game:

On the walk home, I took this shot of the Ponte Vecchio at night:


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