Capitano Thomas Scores!

What a night we had tonight in our FINAL evening at Club Sportivo Firenze!  Thomas’ team played a game that had been postponed from the weekend while Nicholas’ team practiced.  Four of my students from the Mount came to watch, and they got to see some exciting soccer! 

Thomas’ coach, Filippo Rondinelli, gave Thomas the honor of being the captain for the game.  Thomas wore a red armband, and he got to play rock, paper, scissors before the match with the captain of the other team to determine who got the ball first.

After going down 1-0, Thomas’ teammate, Leo, sent the ball down Thomas’ side on the right wing.  Thomas caught up to the ball and ripped a shot at an impossible angle toward the net.  The ball crossed in front and ricocheted off the far post into the back of the net!  GOOOOOAAALLLL!  It was Thomas’ second goal in international competition!  And the Capitano scored!

Unfortunately, Thomas’ team didn’t take advantage of the momentum, and they ended up losing 4-1.  But it was great fun, and we enjoyed our last evening at Club Sportivo.  After the game, the boys played a scrimmage until 7:30pm when practice normally ends.  We took pictures and said our goodbyes.  Both coaches gave us hugs and they thanked the boys for playing with them! 

As we were walking out, we were surprised by the parents who threw us a little surprise party in the coffee bar!  They gave the boys purple Firenze t-shirts and Club Sportivo banners!  It was really touching, and we were all very sad.  Even the men did the kiss on the check on both sides with me!  I was a little thrown the first time, but I eventually got the hang of it!

Here are some pictures from tonight…

When we arrived, there was a bicycle team practicing on the Veledrome.  This was the first time I had seen bikes on it. 



Thomas’ team waving to the crowd before the start of the game:   

Capitano Thomas playing rock, paper, scissors before the start of the game:

Thomas celebrating after his GOOOAAAALLL!

The coaches and fathers on the sidelines with the players.

Thomas and his Club Sportivo Firenze teammates:

Gabriele and Tommaso:

Nicholas and Thomas coming off the Club Sportivo Firenze field for the last time!

Here we are during the surprise party with Maria and Miguel, who manage the coffee bar at the club. 

We are so grateful that the parents, coaches, players, and administrators at C.S. Firenze let us into their lives for the three months we have been in Italy.  Nicholas, Thomas, Maria, and I gained so much from our association with this group of people, and we will remember them forever.

With the help of an english-speaking parent, Misters Salvatore and Filippo (Nicholas’ and Thomas’ respective coaches) both told me tonight that they coach soccer not to win games – but to teach the boys the benefits of camraderie, sportsmanship, and love for one another.  They told me that Nicholas and Thomas embodied that mission and that the entire team (Tutti! Tutti!) returned their love and friendship. 

That was a really special moment for me as their father. 


One Response to “Capitano Thomas Scores!”

  1. Tim Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Thomas and Nicholas on your amazing Italiano calcio !

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