A.C. Milan

Since the first week we came to Italy, Thomas has been begging to go to an A.C. Milan game in Milan.  And it took us until the last Sunday of our time here to finally make his wish come true.  So Nicholas, Thomas, and I hopped on the high-speed train this morning from Florence to Milan.  We went to see A.C. Milan play Cantania in an Italian Serie A soccer match.  It’s about a 180 mile trip, and the train does it in under two hours.  I love the speed!  And Maria thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to have a day to herself!

Ronaldinho plays for A.C. Milan, and he has been Thomas’ favorite player for a while.  Thomas especially loves to be Ronaldinho when he is playing X-box or Playstation.  David Beckham also plays for A.C. Milan now, but he broke his ankle a few weeks ago and won’t be playing for a while.

Now, I must tell you about Thomas’ friend Gabriele here in Florence.  Gabriele is not at all happy with Thomas’ fascination for Ronaldinho and A.C. Milan.  A Fiorentina fan could NEVER cheer for A.C. Milan – and yet, Thomas, also is a fan of Fiorentina!  Gabriele told us last night that he wished us a good trip, but he hoped Cantania would crush A.C. Milan!  And I know he was glued to the TV today watching the game – and he was probably so happy at the half when Cantania was winning 2-0!    

Here are Nicholas and Thomas in front of Milan’s soccer temple – the Stadio San Siro.  Thomas was happy to wear his A.C. Milan shirt – he won’t dare wear it in Florence!  

We got into the stadium early to watch the players warm up and to take some pictures.  The stadium did fill up!  We sat in the orange section, of course.  (Thomas’  favorite color is orange.)

The view from our seats was pretty nice!

I walked to one corner to get a shot of the entire field.

The A.C. Milan mascot warming up the crowd.  I am not really sure what it is – some kind of cartoon devil, I guess.  I included the mascot picture because of the lady I inadvertenly captured behind him.  Note the fashion: her leather jacket, her scarf, her big purse, and her pointy boots with heels.  Classic Italy there.  This is a soccer game we are at! 

And then the A.C. Milan players came out and were introduced:

Thomas was cheering when his star came out!

Ronaldinho warming up and playing to the crowd.

Practicing kicking the ball out of the air:

Here he is in the game making one of his many moves:

He got fouled a lot, and he was constantly pleading his case with the ref. 

The craziest of the Milan fans sit in the blue seats in what we would call the endzone – they call it Curva Sud.  This is the south curve of the stadium.

They kept lighting smoke bombs after a goal was scored and at the start of the two periods:

The game ended in a 2-2 tie.  Gabriele probably wasn’t happy that Milan came back in the second half to tie the game!  But considering that A.C. Milan should have clobbered Cantania, he was probably happy with a tie!  We were just glad to have had the opportunity to see an A.C. Milan game. 

We took a trolley car from the stadium to the center of Milan.  On the way, we passed the church that has Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper.  I’ve seen the church so many times in pictures, that I knew it immediately.  Unfortunately it is very difficult to get tickets to see the Last Supper – you really have to book weeks, if not months, in advance.  I tried over a month ago to get tickets hoping that I could see the painting and go to the soccer match in the same day, but it just wasn’t possible.  So soccer won out!

Here are the boys on the trolley car.  Oops – I should have cropped out the A.C. Milan ball Nicholas bought.  Gabriele is going to have a fit!

But we did get a few minutes to see Milan’s Cathedral in the center of the city – it is beautiful:

We took an evening train back to Florence.  It was a long day, and we were glad to be home!  You can watch the highlights of the game we watched at:



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