Capitano Nicholas

Today Nicholas played his last soccer match with Club Sportivo Firenze, and his coach gave him the honor of being the team captain!  Nicholas had a big cheering section of Mount students, and he played well!  His team struggled against a much tougher opponent, and they ended up losing 2-0.  But it was a fun way to end his Italian soccer experience!

Here are some action shots from today’s game.  Note Nicholas’ yellow arm band with the “C” on it. 


Nicholas’ fans!

It was another gorgeous day in Florence, and we enjoyed the long walk to and from Nicholas’ game. 

Every time we walk to Club Sportivo Firenze, we pass the American Consulate here in Florence.  It is guarded by the Italian military, and we always say hello when we pass by them.  They sit in a military jeep by the side of the road.  I wasn’t sure how they would feel about a close-up picture, so I took his one from a good distance.  Note the jeep down the road and the beautiful Tuscany hillside in the background!


The Arno River was pretty today – there were rowers in the river above the dam.

There were even a couple of guys fishing in the waters below the dam.

Check out this monsterous fish these guys caught right as we were walking by!  That was in the river!?!  We all clapped for them!

And, no, we didn’t have fish for dinner!  We went to see the Marchese Family for dinner, and we had pasta and roasted chicken.  It was delicious!  (We are really going to miss them!)  Then we watched a soccer match with them on TV: Fiorentina tied Internazionale 2-2.  The teams play again Tuesday, and we are going to watch that one at the stadium here in Florence!


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