The Diner

When Maria and I hear the words “The Diner,” we think of Ye Olde College Diner in State College, Pennsylvania, where we had our first date way back in 1985!  The Fram Family brought a little taste of The Diner with them when they visited over Easter by bringing us some Diner stickies (cinnamon sticky buns).  They were so good, and they got us thinking about American food!

It was another beautiful spring day in Florence, so after school we all went for a walk through the city.  We walked through the shops at San Lorenzo.  The market goes on for blocks around the Church of San Lorenzo.  You can buy all sorts of leather goods, scarves, clothing, and souvenirs.  Spring has also brought the tourists to Florence, and the streets are now jammed with people.  It is a bit funny, but we find ourselves grumbling about all of the tourists!   

After our walk, we decided we were going to break down and have some American food.  Yes, it does exist here in Florence!  And it may seem crazy that with only a week of Italy to enjoy, we are going to eat American food!  But even the American restaurant – called The Diner as you might have guessed – has an Italian flare!  On the outdoor cafe, we had some fried chicken and burgers italian style!  Thomas even got some blueberry pancakes!  It was great! 


One Response to “The Diner”

  1. Nicole O Says:

    That’s funny – I thought immediately of the State College diner! I hope the service was faster than the PSU diner. =) I’ll have to search this out while I’m in Florence.

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