Today is Pasquetta or Lunedi dell’Angelo.  It is the Monday after Easter, and it is a big holiday here in Italy.  Many businesses are closed, and the children have the day off from school.

We had a quiet day doing schoolwork until about 2:30pm.  My students are gearing up for the end of the semester here with exams and final projects due.  So I had an exam to write and some papers to review.  Thomas had to write a persuasive essay for his class, and he chose to write on why “every kid should visit Italy.”  Instead of typing his essay in the blog, he wanted to prove that he actually wrote it – so here is a picture of his essay that you can read!  

After we all got our work done, we went to the park to play soccer with Gabriele and Caterina!

I didn’t realize I was going to get called in to play.  I wasn’t exactly dressed for soccer.  But after Caterina schooled the boys a little bit, I played with Nicholas, Thomas, and Gabriele in a few 2 on 2 games.  Note the perfect defensive position below.  Of course, I blocked Thomas’ shot!  (Thomas says he passed it to Nicholas, and Nicholas scored.  He’s probably right!)

There is a smaller soccer court at the park where players essentially play volleyball with their feet.  There is a net across the court in the picture below.  The ball must be kicked over the net and land in bounds.  The opposing player can let the ball bounce once, but it must then be kicked back over the net and in bounds to continue play.  It is really amazing to watch some of these guys play – they have amazing skills with their feet!  


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