Buona Pasqua

Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter)! 

We had a wonderful afternoon yesterday at the Marchese family’s apartment!  We had a great dinner to celebrate Easter with Amy, Giovanni, Gabriele, and Caterina.  The food kept coming and coming!  Poor Giovanni has the cold that Maria had last weekend.  Thankfully, he didn’t have it while he was playing Captain Hook!

This morning the boys woke up and celebrated Easter.  No Easter baskets this year!  At home we always have a hunt for Easter baskets with clues throughout the house.  We had a hunt through the apartment – the boys got their AC Milan and Fiorentina chocolate eggs at the end of the hunt.  (Although Fiorentina is their first team, they also cheer for AC Milan.)


Since our Easter mass was later in the afternoon, we decided to take a walk to the Duomo to see the exploding cart.  Every year on Easter, between the cathedral and the Baptistry, Florence has a giant cart that shoots off fireworks and smoke!  It is a tradition that goes back to Renaissance times.  There were SO many people on the streets today, it was insane.  We had to hold hands to keep from being separated.  Needless to say, we didn’t end up with a great view because it was so crowded.  But it was still fun to be there.


After the cart was finished exploding, we decided to make our way around the other side of the Bapistry to try to get a better look at the cart.  It took a while for the smoke to clear. 

The streets were still packed with people:

On our way back home, we saw a chalk artist working on the sidewalk.  Beautiful work:

Hope you all have a Happy Easter!


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