Friday in Cinque Terre

We left Florence Friday morning at 7:30am for Cinque Terre.  To get there, we had to take a train to Pisa and then change trains to go to La Spezia.  (La Spezia was on the map that I posted yesterday.)  Unfortunately, the train to La Spezia was delayed, so we didn’t get to Cinque Terre until about 11:45am.  It was a long morning, but it was SO worth it as the many pictures below will show.  Two of my Mount students, Deborah and Katie, came with us, and we really enjoyed their company on the trip!

Cinque Terre literally means “five lands” or “five towns.”  We started in the first town of Riomaggiore, and we hiked about a half an hour to the second town of Manarola.  The hike is on a path along the tall cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

This is the view from the train station in Riomaggiore.  The start of the path to Manarola is at the upper right corner of this picture. 


The path at the start of the hike was nice – downhill, wide, and paved!  That’s Deborah walking with the boys.

We had a gorgeous day, and the views were just spectacular!

We really enjoyed the sunshine and the sounds of the crashing waves!

We arrived at Manarola – it is up on the cliff at the left of the picture below.  The train moves in and out of the cliffs through tunnels.  You can take the train from town to town, but we chose to continue on and do the 90 minute hike to the third town of Corniglia. 

This is the town of Manarola from the other side on the way to Corniglia.

The hike to Corniglia got a bit steeper and rocky.

Thomas loves Katie’s camera – he got to take a lot of pictures for her!

The beautiful views were just non-stop.

We arrived at Corniglia, and we hopped on the train to go directly to the fifth town of Monterosso.  He heard that the hike to the fourth town was really long and challenging, and we were ready to see the beach town of Monterosso and have some lunch.  This is from the train station at Corniglia. 

It was about a ten minute train ride to Monterosso.  What a beautiful place!

The beach at Monterosso – note the rock…  Also on the left is the restaurant where we had lunch.  It was amazingly inexpensive given its location! 

The view from our table at lunch.

And there’s the rock again…  calling to us.

So of course, after we ate, we had to climb it!

Maria had fun running in the Mediterranean!

Nicholas and Thomas got in the water, too!

But the water was really cold!

Thomas is one-of-a-kind… note that the beach was small, soft pebbles – not sand.

Here is a view of the beach and the restaurant where we had lunch from up on the rock.

And we convinced Maria to climb the rock – and she did it! 

Around 5:30pm, we left Monterossa to take the train back to the third town of Corniglia.  We wanted to see the sunset from Corniglia.   

This is the town of Corniglia – there is a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea behind the buildings in this picture.  We got some dinner to go from a local restaurant, and we took it to the terrace to watch the sunset.

This is the view of the sea from the terrace.

And finally, the beautiful sunset!  It was a great ending to a wonderful day!

Thankfully, the train ride home was uneventful!  All our trains were right on time – I was a little nervous because we were catching the last train from Viareggio to Florence.  If we would have missed it, we would have had to catch a 1am bus back from Pisa!  So we ended up getting home a little after midnight.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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  1. Tim Says:

    absolutely beautiful pictures ! Love the one of the town on the cliffs.

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