Carlo Americano

We are getting ready for Easter here in Florence.  Everyone is wishing one another a “Buona Pasqua.”  Easter is a very important holiday here in Italy, as you might imagine.  About 90% of the population is Catholic.  Children don’t get Easter Baskets here, and it is not their tradition to color eggs.  Instead, kids receive a large hollow chocolate egg with some kind of toy or gift inside.  We’ll have to see what Nicholas and Thomas get on Sunday!

Club Sportivo Firenze – where Nicholas and Thomas play soccer – is raffling off a huge chocolate egg that probably has a regulation size soccer ball inside of it.  When I bought my ticket, they wrote down “Carlo Americano” on the stub that they keep!  So I guess that’s my new name!  It has a nice ring to it!

Here are the boys in front of the egg!  If we win, we’ll have to invite every one of the Mount students over to eat it.  Either that or let Nicholas’ and Thomas’ teammates all share it.  Look at how huge it is!  Even the second place prize is big!


We spent the morning today getting some schoolwork done and then we took a walk around Florence.  It was an overcast and rainy day here.  I understand that back home, we are going to have some spectacular weather for Easter.  Here, we do expect some sun for the weekend – but it will only be in the 60s.  So wherever you are, have a safe and blessed Easter weekend!



3 Responses to “Carlo Americano”

  1. Tim & Amy Says:

    Happy Easter, Karl , Maria, Nicholas, & Thomas !

  2. Heidi Says:

    Hi! Happy Easter, Buona Pasqua!!
    Love, Heidi

  3. Mom Says:

    Maria is usually the raffle winner – did she get a ticket???

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