Nicholas and Thomas teach l’inglese

After teaching this morning, I took Nicholas and Thomas to an elementary school in the outskirts of Florence.  We were invited to teach an English class to a group of Italian fourth graders.  So we brought the Dr. Suess materials – see the post from two weeks ago:

The English teacher was happy to have two American boys the same age as her students, and so it turned into a great cultural exchange.  The English teacher was so grateful to have us there, because she told us that the children don’t get a chance to practice their English very often with native speakers.

Nicholas started the lesson by showing flashcards to the students.  They had to say “cow” here, of course!  One student said “Mukki” which is the brand name of milk in Florence.

I practiced a few English phrases from the story with the students, and I also translated them into Italian.  My Italian is worse than most of the student’s English, so I am checking with the teacher to check my pronunciation!

Nicholas and Thomas acted out the If I Had Duck Feet story while I read it. 

Nicholas is the bully Big Bill Brown and he ties Thomas up using Thomas’ tiger tail!

After the story, we played a game of Simon Says.  Then Nicholas and Thomas fielded questions (in English) from the students: “Where do you live? How old are you? What is your favorite color? What sports do you play?”  The students asked both Nicholas and Thomas what their favorite subjects are.  When Nicholas and Thomas said “math,” the classroom erupted!  They actually said that they looked too “sportivo” to like math!  Their teacher was glad that they didn’t say “recess!”  Me too!    


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