The Italian Peter Pan

Tonight was a special night for us in Italy!  Our good friend (and now famous friend) Giovanni Marchese played Captain Hook in a big producton here in Florence! 

While we’ve been here in Italy, we’ve gotten to know Giovanni well.  His son, Gabriele, plays soccer with Thomas, so Giovanni has been really helpful getting us to away games and driving us home from practices.  He has entertained us with his guitar!  And he has helped us understand his passion for the Fiorentina soccer team.  But I don’t think we ever realized the talent that he was hiding!  He is a great singer and actor, too!  He was terrific!

The entire musical was in Italian, of course, and it was fun seeing a familar story in an Italian production!  The dancing, the energy, and the music all were great!

Here was the poster advertising tonight’s event:

This was right after Captain Hook’s entrance!  Were Giovanni’s lines written on the map?  

Captain Hook, his sidekick, and Tinkerbell:

Captian Hook making yet another joke!  We even understood a few of them!

The evil Captain Hook has captured all of the children:

Peter Pan to the rescue!

Captain Hook is defeated:

The is the part Govanni’s daughter, Caterina, doesn’t like.  Babbo is about to walk the plank and fall down in the water.  Caterina would rather see Captain Hook make Peter Pan walk the plank!  But I guess Giovanni couldn’t change the ending of the Peter Pan story just for Caterina!  Babbo went splash in the water! 

The entire cast:

Giovanni’s fans after the show.  That’s Gabriele and Caterina in the picture with us!

It was a very memorable night here in Florence!


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