The Opera

Tonight we went to see the opera, La Bohème, at St. Mark’s English Church in Florence with the Mount students.  The opera was held in a small, intimate setting.  This was not La Scala in Milan or the Florence Opera House.  However, the singers were borrowed from these opera houses for tonight’s performance.  The opera was sung in its original Italian, however, the plot in each upcoming act was explained to us in English beforehand.

Not being opera fans, we found the performance to be surprisingly good.  The singers were unbelievable.  Nicholas and Thomas hung in there!  

At the end of the opera, Mimi dies.  Sorry if I just blew the ending for you!  It was a bit much for Kevin to take!  He was doing some serious sniffling at the end of the performance!

The lead was played by David Righeschi who looks a lot like an Italian version of Hurley from the TV show Lost.  We were talking outside the church after the performance, and David came out after changing clothes.  We felt a bit like groupies, but he graciously asked us to come back inside for a picture. 


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