Nicholas found the ugliest sculpture in Florence

By Nick

When I went to visit Michelangelo’s David, I found the ugliest sculpture in Florence.  There is a room of sculptures and paintings in the Galleria dell’Academia near where you can see the David.  When I walked into this room, I couldn’t even believe that it was really supposed to be there.  It was a sculpture of a leg – with no toes.  It is terribly painted blue and black with parts not painted at all!  It looks like a first grader made it!  (No offense to the first graders reading this!)  I think maybe I could have done it when I was three years old!  I have art back home that would look better than this, and maybe I should send it to the Galleria for them to display it!

I found out that the leg was made by Georg Baselitz and he is a famous modern artist.  His work is supposed “to make you think” according to one web site.  It made me think – why is it in the same museum as the David?

Anyway – here it is – you be the judge! 


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