Ponte a Greve 3 C. S. Firenze 1

This morning Nicholas and Thomas both played for the 1998 C. S. Firenze squad in a match against Ponte a Greve.  Nicholas played the entire game in his typical defensive position while Thomas subbed in as the right offensive wing and played a little more than half the game.  Ponte a Greve dominated the play – so Nicholas got a lot of action!  And Ponte a Greve won 3-1.

The game was at the Ponte a Greve field.  When Maria and I arrived, we paid 5 Euros each for the game.  Here is the ticket booth on the way in. 

This apartment building overlooks the field at Ponte a Greve.

Nothing like hanging your laundry (remember most Italians don’t use dryers) and watching a little soccer! 

Nicholas and Thomas waving to the crowd before the game.

Nicholas was number 3 and Thomas was 13 in this game.  The boys are given uniforms at the field, so they often wear different numbers. 

Nicholas making a good play on defense and fighting off one of the other team’s forwards. 

Thomas was covered tightly by this boy (#15) who was almost a foot taller and 20 pounds heavier!  Thomas had him on speed, but unfortunately the offense didn’t generate too many chances!

Nicholas working a play with Andrea who passed the ball to Thomas.

After the game, we went to the Marcheses for the afternoon.  Giovanni is playing Captain Hook in the musical Peter Pan (in Italian of course) this Wednesday!  It will be at a big theater in Florence that holds a thousand people, and tickets are selling out fast!  That will be a blog post not to miss!


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