Fiorentina 3 Genoa 0

This evening we went with the Mount students to see Fiorentina play at the Artemio Franchi stadium here in Florence!  It was a great game!  The fans were loud and crazy!

We also got to see Senegal sensation Khouma Babacar play.  He is a seventeen-year old player who recently joined the Fiorentina Serie A team.  He was put into the game in the second half, and he scored his first goal!  That was exciting!

You can watch the highlights from the game we saw:

Fiorentina’s newest fans:


The big screen at the stadium:

The Mount St. Mary’s Fiorentina fans: 

This is the concession stand!  It is a coffee bar of course!  No alcohol is served in the soccer stadiums! 

More Fiorentina fans:

The Genoa fans were sequestered in their own section.  They are bussed into the stadium and they enter in a different gate than the Fiorentina fans.  Note the barriers on either side of them! 

An action shot:

The beautiful stadium with the mountains in the background.

It was a great time!


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