The Leaning Tower of Pisa

We went to Pisa today with the Mount students, and we saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa!  I think we were all amazed with how much the tower actually does lean!

Another potential Christmas Card picture!

On the back side of the tower, there are reinforcements to help keep the tower from falling over.  

Next to the Leaning Tower is Pisa’s Duomo and Cathedral.  It is beautiful outside and inside!

Next to the cathedral is Pisa’s Baptistry where newborn children in Pisa are still baptized today.  It looks like a little wedding cake.  When we went in, we were treated to a demonstration of the acoustics of the building.  One of the ticket takers closed all of the doors, went to the center of the room, and starting singing single notes.  Each note echoed, so she was able to sing a chord with her own single voice.  I taped it with my camera.  And even though the recording doesn’t quite do it justice, it is still nice to watch and listen.  And sorry I taped it sideways…   

The Leaning Tower, the catherdral, and the baptistry in Pisa were all built near the original wall of the city. 

And if they are going to build a Tower, the whole point is to climb it – leaning or not, right?  Note how the marble steps have really been worn down after so many years of use!  Galileo climbed these steps to do his famous experiment!  Unfortunately, they didn’t allow us to drop anything off the tower.

The beautful views from the top of the Leaning Tower.

Of course, we had to get these pictures in…  Careful, Thomas, you might push it over!

Don’t let it fall, Nicholas!

Good save, Thomas!

Thomas is definitely one lucky fourth-grader!

After Pisa, we went to see the town of Lucca.  Lucca is a beautiful Tuscan town that is very proud of its heritage.  Recently the locals voted to only allow traditional Italian restaurants in town.  No McDonald’s, Ka-bob restaurants, etc.  Thankfully, the gelaterias can stay!

We rented bikes and rode for an hour on a path that went around the circumference of the town.  It was beautiful and a lot of fun.  Here’s the Lucca bike gang.  (We looked like the kids in the movie E.T.)

Nicholas and Thomas proudly riding their pink bikes!

It was a great day!


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