Pitti Palace Pink Eye

I woke up this morning and couldn’t open my eyes.  They were glued shut.  And unfortunately it wasn’t a Nicholas and Thomas practical joke.  I have pink eye.  I am glad I brought my glasses with me as I typically wear contacts.  Too many Italian-style cheek-cheek kisses?  Who knows?    

But I did get our first lesson in the health care system here in Italy.  There are pharmacies in every neighborhood.  We have one right in our building around the corner.  You don’t go to the doctor for a flu, a cold, or even pink eye.  You go to the pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist.  The pharmacist then talks to you about different options and medications.  For more serious illnesses and drugs, you need to get a prescription from a doctor.  But I didn’t need a prescription for antibiotic eye drops!  (One of my students here is the daughter of my family doctor that I’ve known for twenty years.  I teased her that this was the quickest trip for medication I’ve ever had – about 15 minutes!) 

Language was a problem as our pharmicist doesn’t speak English.  However, our good friend Amy told me how to say Pink Eye in Italian (congiuntivite) and also what kind of antibiotic drops to ask for.  The only hiccup came when the pharmacist asked me whether I was allergic to antibiotics, and I thought she was asking if allergies caused my eyes to turn red and gross.  But we got though it – thankfully the drops have good instructions that I can interpret! 

Nicholas, Thomas, and Maria don’t have it (yet).  Although Thomas has a cold and a cough that kept him from soccer practice last night.

So after teaching this morning, Nicholas and I took a tour of the Pitti Palace with our favorite guide, Angela, and the Mount St. Mary’s students!  The Pitti Palace is about a block from our apartment and we pass it every single day.  It was originally built for the Pitti Family in the 1400s but was eventually claimed by the Medici Family and used as another one of their residences.  When Napolean took over Italy for a short time, he even used the Pitti Palace as a residence.  Now it is a museum, and you can see the works of art that the Medici Family collected and how it was decorated in the 18th century.

Angela giving the students some background info before going into the palace.

Imagine this view outside your palace bedroom window.

Pictures weren’t allowed inside – even without a flash…  This was the picture I took as I was told this.  It is the corner of a glass mosaic table.  Can you see the symbol of Florence?  

How about this view off your palace balcony?

Nicholas loves the kids strangling the ducks statues…  (At least that’s what he says is happening in this sculpture.)  He is 12!

Tomorrow we go to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower!  Hopefully tomorrow won’t be Pink Eye Pisa!


2 Responses to “Pitti Palace Pink Eye”

  1. Fawn Says:

    I hope that your pink eye is better. i love reading your blog!

    • einolf Says:

      The pink eye is much better – thanks! I am still using the drops, but I will probably stop soon. Someone asked how much the drops cost me – it was only 8 Euros or about $10.80. It probably would’ve been much more in the U.S.

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