It’s hard to believe this is our 50th day in Italy and this is first we are mentioning GELATO.  There is a gelateria on every corner in Florence, and it is impossible to resist!  Especially on a spring day like today that got into the upper 60s.

Nicholas says: “Gelato is like ice cream, but ten times better!  It’s creamier and there are so many flavors!”   

Gelato has less fat than ice cream; it is churned at a slower speed so it contains much less air than ice cream; and it is not served completely frozen like ice cream.  But enough of the science of gelato, let’s take a look:

This is our favorite spot to get gelato in the Santo Spirito plaza – Ricchi’s!  You can also get food and coffee here as well!   

Here is another gelateria on our side of the Ponte Vecchio:

Here is a popular gelateria just on the other side of the Ponte Vecchio.  The lady in the picture is always standing behind her waffle maker.  She is really pushy, too.  Don’t stand in front of her gelati and just look…  She’ll get you to buy!  Not that it is a hard sell  

Oh those waffles look good!  The perfect complement to the gelato!

And yet another gelateria near the Pitti Palace.  These ladies wouldn’t even get out of the way to let me take a picture!  That’s how serious the gelato is here! 

Here is another favorite gelateria on the walk back from soccer practice! 

Looks good, right?  Get on a plane – it’ll be here waiting!  (This is chocolate chip.)

Our favorite flavors: Maria likes Nutella gelato (hazlenut and chocolate mixture that tastes like the inside of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate);  Nicholas likes both strawberry cheesecake and Kinder (not together though); Thomas likes chocolate and biscottino (has pieces of cookies in it); I like lemon and mixed fruit together!  So good!

And when you walk about 60 minutes each day to get around (and I think I hit over 100 minutes of walking today), you can handle a gelato every day or so!


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