It’s all about the soccer!

If you haven’t noticed, much of our life in Italy revolves around soccer!  And this is not unusual for Italians!  In our Italian Life and Culture lecture this afternoon, our instructor talked about how Italians are loyal to their family and their soccer team (and not always in that order)!

We are actually experiencing this first hand!  We have really been fortunate to get to know a group of nice families associated with the Club Sportivo Firenze.  Nicholas and Thomas practice every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  We typically leave before 5:00, as it takes us almost 30 minutes to walk to the soccer club.  While the boys practice, I have a chance to talk to the other families – either in the stands of the stadium or in the coffee bar.  And we usually don’t get back until after 8pm as the boys take their time in the locker room.  Thankfully our friend Giovanni typically gives us a ride home after practice, so that gets us home a little earlier than we would if we were walking.

Tonight Thomas’ practice was a little different than normal.  Two other soccer clubs came to play a mini-tournament.  They all split up into four-player teams – and they played mini games against the other clubs.  Thomas’ team did well, but, overall, the Club Sportivo Firenze ended up in second place.  It was fun soccer to watch even though it was so cold outside!

After the mini-tournament, the families of Thomas’ team got together for dinner!  It was another memorable evening.  We had various crostinis as a starter, then pasta (Penne with a meat sauce), and then dolce (Tiramasu).  After dinner, we watched AC Milan play Manchester United in a Champions League match.  And Giovanni treated us all to some Italian songs! 

Our cook, Maria, cutting the Tiramisu with my Maria!


Giovanni on guitar!


One Response to “It’s all about the soccer!”

  1. Nicole O'Block Says:

    Mama mia! That dolce truly looks molto delizioso. Is there any chance you picked up some dessert recipes while you were there, if you don’t mind sharing? I am a sweet tooth supreme. =)

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