We made Mona Lisa smile!

On Thursday, we toured Paris!  Thankfully, the weather was perfect.  We bought a metro pass for the day and went right to the Louvre.  I had read that the Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is the least crowded at the beginning of the day.  So we bought our tickets to the Louvre in advance; we went in using the Carrousel entrance (instead of the main entrance); and we got there right before 9am.  It took us about ten minutes to make our way to the wing of of the Louvre where Mona Lisa is, and sure enough, we basically had Mona to ourselves for about 20 minutes!  And then the crowds came!    

So who has the best smile: Nicholas, Thomas, Maria, me – or Mona?

As you can see from the pictures, you can only get within 20 feet of the Mona Lisa and it is covered by protective glass.  So it is not really a painting that can be examined.  But it was fun to see it!  After this, we spent some time in the Italian Renaissance wing and looked at a number of other paintings that I’ve been discussing this semester in my classes.  We also saw the Venus de Milo, an ancient Greek statue, and a couple of Michelangelo sculptures.  The Louvre is gigantic – we read somewhere that it could take 9 months to view every piece of art in the museum.  That sounded a little far-fetched until we were there.  There were signs directing you to the Mona Lisa, but in order to find the other pieces we were interested in seeing, we had to ask for directions!   

The boys in the Louvre:

Nicholas and Thomas near the main entrance to the Louvre:

I’ll post more later about the rest of our Thursday in Paris!  À Bientôt!


One Response to “We made Mona Lisa smile!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Smile? I vote for Maria’s smile. Looks like she has a secret she’s thinking about with Ms Mona looking over her shoulder…….

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