Nicholas fights for another chance at the blog!

By Nick

We are currently traveling to Switzerland for the weekend!  When we return on Sunday, we’ll tell you about the trip and show you our pictures.  But for now, my Dad asked me to write this blog post that will appear on Friday while we’re away!

I’ve been in a couple of fights while we’ve been in Italy!  Not fights with my Mom and Dad (at least not ones I want to talk about)!  But scuffles with some other boys my age.  The first one was in a soccer match.  This kid, number 9 we’ll call him, was pushing me and pushing me throughout the entire first half of the match.  The ref never called anything!  I finally got mad and pushed number 9 back and he fell right over.  Of course, the ref called that one.  After that, number 9 came right at me and pushed me again.  The ref, I guess, said something like “break it up” and got in between us.  Number 9 kept saying stuff to me until one of my teammates yelled at him in Italian that I couldn’t understand a word he was saying to me.  That was kind of funny!  I guess it is no fun insulting someone when he doesn’t understand you – so number 9 stopped saying things to me!  He did keep pushing me though.  And to make matters worse, we blew a 2-1 lead and lost 4-2.  I have tried to learn not to let the pushing bother me, but this kid was a bit of a jerk.  At least my Italian teammates stuck up for me!

The second fight was at Carnevale (see my Dad’s post).  Carnevale was a lot of fun!  Italian kids dress up in their favorite costumes, bang pots and pans, dance, throw confetti, and spray people with silly string and shaving cream foam.  When I learned that spraying people was part of the fun, I was hooked!  So I went looking for a victim.  And there he was in an Egyptian costume.  So Thomas, Gabriele, and I attacked!  We sprayed him, threw confetti, and then did it again.  He was not happy.  But we miscalculated a bit.  Even though we outnumbered him three to one, he managed to find this monster spray gun thing and he crushed us.  Thomas and I were covered by foam from our chest to the top of our head.  Gabri got it, too!  Even though we were mad, we realized that we deserved it and he got us good!  It was a great Carnivale experience!  But next time – I have to find one of those monster foam sprayers!

Have a great weekend!


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