We climbed the Duomo

by Maria

They said it couldn’t be done, but I climbed the Duomo today!  After Karl got back from teaching, we decided to take a walk since it was a beautiful day.  Sorry to rub it in to those of you stuck in the snow, but the temperature reached almost 60 degrees today! 

So we walked to the Duomo and decided to climb to the top.  You can see people standing on the top of the dome – this is where we were headed:


For 8 euros, you can have the pleasure of climbing 473 steps to the highest view in Florence.  Yes, I actually counted each and every one.  Imagine a narrow brick and concrete staircase – much of it in a steep spiral with no railings – all the way to the top! 

The first part of the climb takes you to the base of the dome.  We ended up on the top ledge at the base of the paintings that you can see in this picture:

We then climbed a narrow staircase between the inner and outer shells of the dome.  The sunlight that you see was our objective.


The last ten steps were the hardest.  Once we got to see the amazing view, it was all worth it!

At the top of the dome, you get a panaramic view of Florence.  In this picture you can see the Santa Croce church.

Here we are with the beautiful view behind us!

This picture is on the opposite side – you can see the gorgeous rooftops and the mountains in the distance. 

Looking down the dome and on the roof of the Cathedral of Florence.

Here we are at a cafe after our big climb.  The conquered Doumo behind us!

Karl promised to massage my legs tonight and they are already getting sore!  So I think I am going to cash in on that promise!  Ciao!


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