Yikes! A Haircut and Non Parlo L’italiano!

Not speaking italian (at least beyond numbers and basic phrases) hasn’t been too difficult for us.  Italians speak so well with their hands that you tend to figure out what is being said.  For example, we bought a roast beef from a local butcher today.  He spoke zero english.  So I asked him in Italian how long to cook the meat and at what temperature?  (I am still working on the Celcius/Farenheit conversion, so I figured getting some instructions would help.)  I was hoping for two numbers in his answer: temperature and time.  Instead, he proceeded to tell us in Italian that we shouldn’t cook it in the oven.  The Florentine way is to put it in a skillet with some olive oil and cook it for 20 minutes.  I basically understood “20 minutes” and got the rest from hand gestures.

Now, I could live with a bad roast beef caused by a language gap.  (And by the way, Maria cooked a fabulous roast beef this evening!)  But a bad haircut?  That might not be so good!

So our friend Amy helped Nicholas and I make an appointment, and she met us this morning to give specific instructions to the hairdresser, Alessandra.  Basically, my instructions were simple: cut it so there is at least something left when you are finished.  Nicholas’ hair is very thick and needs to be thinned out with thinning shears.  Thankfully, Alessandra had them.  So Amy left and the fun began!

Here’s the door to the salon.  They were running a first-time special for men at 10 euros – that’s about $13.50.  The regular price is 17.50 euros (almost $24).  Buzz-cuts are only 6 euros.  Maria’s cut will probaly cost 40 euros when the time comes…  


Nicholas went first – he’s much braver than I am!

And there are the same kind of magazines in the hair salons here!  Can you believe that Giorgio Clooney?

And then it was my turn!

Now, I am sure you are wondering how the cuts turned out, right?

Well, take a look!

OK, this is what we thought we were going to look like when we were finished!  That’s what we asked for!!!  Maybe Alessandra didn’t understand? 

Well, we won’t appear in any haircut magazine anytime soon, but we were happy with our cuts!  (Maybe we should have combed Nicholas’ hair before taking this picture…)


One Response to “Yikes! A Haircut and Non Parlo L’italiano!”

  1. Harriette Says:

    James sent me the link to your blog, and I enjoyed all of it! It was great to see all the photos and hear about your wonderful experiences. If you have a chance to check it out, there was a great restaurant near the entrance to the Ponte Vecchio: La Bocca del Oraficio. We loved it.

    It is wonderful to experience Italy all over again and your photos are fabulous. Wish the boys luck in their remaining soccer games. Love to you all, Harriette

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