Soccer Sunday

This morning Nicholas and Thomas played a soccer game at an away field.  Thomas was asked to play with Nicholas’ team because there were a lot of boys on the regular squad that couldn’t make it.  Gabriele played, too, and Giovanni was nice enough to drive us all to the game.

It was another gorgeous setting for a soccer game.  A pretty hillside with a couple of churches in the distance.  The bells were ringing off and on while we were there.


I got a team picture of the boys before the game.  I am sure you can spot Nicholas and Thomas!  Gabriele is in the middle in the back row.  Their goalie, Frederico, is AMAZING!  He made more saves than I can count, and he kept them in the game.  The game ended in a 1-1 tie.  Frederico was my MVP of the match.  Nicholas and Gabriele played great defense, and Thomas had a couple of beautiful passes playing the wing.      

A Corner Kick – The pushing and shoving that the boys get away with is really incredible.  And this was another mud field.  

Later today,we went to Giovanni and Amy’s apartment to watch Fiorentina play a soccer match against Liverno.  Fiorentina won 2-1!  It was an exciting match.  I told Gabriele that we bring good luck and we have to watch all of the Fiorentina matches with them!


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