Thursday in Rome – The Colosseum

Thursday morning in Rome we went to see the Colosseum!  It was as impressive in person as we expected it would be.  Our pictures really tell the story of this day, so here are some of them:

We toured the ancient ruins of Rome – here are the Mount students with our tour guide, Ned.  Not exactly a common name for a local Italian from Rome…     

Another potential Christmas Card photo…

The very attractive landscape…

The very attractive Joe Recchiuti…

There are guys dressed up as gladiators working the crowds around the Colosseum.  For a couple of euros, you can get your picture taken with one of them.  I approached one with Nicholas at the same time as a mother and daughter.  The gladiator thought we were together, and asked Nicholas to join in the picture with the girl.  In this classic shot, you can see the girl looking at Nicholas and thinking: “Who is this kid and what is he doing in MY picture?”

Is that Nicholas or Russell Crowe?

Should this be my new Facebook profile picture?

Inside the Colosseum… 

Maria’s Mom and one of my great students, Kevin Abdo, in the Colosseum. 

We then went to see the Pantheon.  The Pantheon, about 2000 years old, is still the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome.  Brunelleschi studied this dome before building the dome in the cathedral in Florence (Il Duomo).   

Inside the Pantheon, light comes in only from the oculus at the top of the dome.  It is open, so rain falls right in!

We then walked to the Trevi Fountain – if you throw a coin over your left shoulder into the fountain, it is said that you will return to Rome again one day! 

Then we walked to the Spanish steps.  And we walked up the steps to the top – all 136 of them!  From the picture you can see that we weren’t the only ones with this idea!  Why are they called the Spanish steps, you ask?  Because they are in the Spanish square near the home of Spain’s ambassador to Italy.   

Nicholas looking quite handsome at the top of the Spanish steps! 

We also ran into five of our students at the top of the steps.  Thomas told Tim Collins that he is one lucky guy!

We returned to the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum at night to see them lit up.  Just beautiful!


One Response to “Thursday in Rome – The Colosseum”

  1. Ed B Says:

    Great photos !! Hope you were able to wander around to see some of the ‘finds’ that lurk around almost every corner.

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