We celebrated Carnevale in Florence today!  Our friend, Giovanni, took his son, Gabriele, me, Nicholas, and Thomas to a Carnevale parade in Florence this evening.  Thankfully, Giovanni’s wife, Amy, stocked us with lots of confetti, foam spray, and pots and pans to bang!  The boys had a terrific time! 

The boys will tell this story themselves in a future post, but they were battling back and forth with another Italian boy.  Nicholas, Thomas, and Gabriele were really ganging up on this poor boy, and it wasn’t a fair fight.  They were throwing confetti at him, spraying foam on him, and chasing him throughout the streets.  But it was this boy that got the last laugh!  Out of nowhere, the boy shows up with a massive foam gun and blasts Nicholas and Thomas.  They both had white foam from their chests to the tops of their heads.  And sorry, I didn’t get a picture of it as it had started to rain, and I put the camera away!  But I did get some memorable shots: 

(By the way, I won’t be able to post anything tomorrow or Thursday as we will be in Rome and I am leaving the computer at home!  So I’ll return on Friday to tell you all about the trip!)


One Response to “Carnevale”

  1. Julia Singh Says:

    Bet the boys didn’t start any Italian style RPS challenges either! I bet that was hilarious!

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