Palazzo Vecchio and an Italian Soccer Drill

We went inside the Palazzo Vecchio today!  The Palazzo Vecchio is the town hall in Florence – it is a Roman-style palace-fortress that towers over the city.  Michelangelo’s David was originally placed in front of this building.

We took a tour through the secret passages of the Palazzo Vecchio.  There are many hidden staircases and passage ways to help the Florence noblemen to escape from the palace.  We climbed a number of these staircases – they were very steep and VERY narrow! 

The most impressive room in the Palazzo Vecchio is a huge chamber where meetings were held.  The ceiling is at least 40 feet high.

My Dad asked the question of the day – “How does the ceiling stay up?”  And we all looked up to realize that the room was very wide and there were no pillars keeping the ceiling up.  The ceiling looked like a collage of massive paintings with ornate frames.  It looked extremely heavy.

The secret to the ceiling are these massive trestles that hang from the roof structure – really amazing engineering for the 14th century when the Palazzo Vecchio was built.  This is a picture of the trestles above the ceiling that hold it up.

A beautiful shot of Maria and her Mom on the Ponte Vecchio

Maria’s Mom and a random handsome man on the Ponte Vecchio.  She’s having fun!

Our favorite car that we always see on the walk to soccer practice.  It seats one person, has three wheels, and can fit into just about any parking space!

This is one of Thomas’ favorite soccer drills that he does with his Italian team.  Two players dribble down.  Three defenders must stay within the line of their cones.  The players dribbling try to get past the defenders and take a shot at the goal.  Thomas sticks out in his orange sweatshirt – his uniform kit hasn’t come in yet.  All the players practice in the same red sweatsuit!


One Response to “Palazzo Vecchio and an Italian Soccer Drill”

  1. Julia Singh Says:

    Awesome – the ladies look so rosy cheeked! Love the car – does it have more than one cylinder? I have to say it – I didn’t even realize Thomas was wearing something different – I picked him out because that was totally an Einolf pose!

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