Another Soccer Saturday

A busy day today!  This morning my Mom, Dad, Heidi, Derek, Maria’s Mom and I went to the Galleria degli Uffizi and got a great tour from a guide that has given lectures to my students.  She has tremendous enthusiasm for Renaissance Art, and she took us on a great journey through the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries.  After her almost three-hour presentation (which really flew by quickly believe it or not), I raced back to the apartment to take Thomas to an away soccer game.

His game was in Galluzzo which is not too far from Florence.  The Galluzzo soccer complex is in a valley surrounded by some very beautiful hills of Tuscany.  I am beginning to see a trend with these soccer clubs.  

  • First, everyone – even the home team parents – pays to enter (four Euros today).  
  • All of the clubs have a coffee bar.  I like this part a lot actually!  Nice to get a jolt of caffeine and a little warmth before the game.   And typically the coffee bars have some great sandwiches (panini with ham, salami, cheese, ect.), various pizzas, and bread. 
  • When the boys arrive at the club, they go straight to the locker room to get dressed for the game.  None of the boys come to the games in their uniforms.  The boys come out of the locker room together with their coach and get warmed up for the game.
  • The boys are paraded out onto the field before the game and waive to the crowd.  Then the boys shake the referee’s hand; they shake each other’s hands; and then they shake the opposing coach’s hand.
  • The parents sit in the bleachers.  All of these fields have bleachers like our high school football stadiums.
  • The boys all take showers after the game, and the parents wait (forever) for them to finish.  Nicholas and Thomas haven’t yet gotten used to this part just yet.  The boys all sing American pop songs in the shower and Nicholas and Thomas are sure most of the boys have no idea what they are singing!
  • The season runs from September to June – and they play in all weather.  Although they aren’t getting three feet of snow in a week, it has been cold: 30s and 40s mostly so far.

The Galluzzo Soccer Complex – covered bleachers and coffee bar on the right               

The Galuzzo Field was all mud and dirt.  They don’t have an artificial surface like most clubs.

Thomas and his teammates warming up before the game.  Note the beautiful hillside – Tuscan villa, olive trees…

Waiving to the crowd before the game

After a 3-2 victory, the boys ran to the fence – only Thomas knew how to do a baseball slide! 

Nicholas’ team also played later in the day at the Club Sportivo Firenze.  Everyone went to his game because it was at our home field – so his grandparents, Aunt Heidi, Derek, Katie Phelan, Maria, and I all cheered him on.  Nicholas played great at defense once again.  Unfortunately, Nicholas’ team lost 4-2.

And before all of the soccer action today, while Thomas and I were waiting for our ride to Galluzzo, we were treated to Caterina in her Carnivale costume.  Kids dress up at parties this time of year for Carnivale which goes on for a couple of weeks before Lent.  Caterina is Gabriele’s (Thomas’ teammate) 4-year old sister.  Isn’t she precious? 


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