A Day in Assisi

My Mom and Dad arrived in Florence last night!  Unfortunately, their flight from Switzerland was delayed many hours, so they opted out of our day trip to Assisi today.  They were nice enough to offer their spots on our trip to a few of my students!  Mom and Dad joined us for dinner tonight when we returned to Florence, and we are delighted to have them here!

The town of Assisi, located to the south and west of Florence, is a beautiful medieval town on the side of a mountain in the Umbria region of Italy.  It is about a two and one-half hour train ride from Florence.  It was the home of St. Francis – a patron saint of Italy!  He is also the patron Saint of the church Maria and I were married in (St. Francis of Assisi Church in Greenlawn, New York).  We were guided through the beautiful town by our wonderful guide, Alessandro.  He gave us passionate explanations of the history of Assisi, the stories of St. Francis, and of the many frescoes in the Basilica of Saint Francis.  It really was an interesting day!

I do admit to being very tired, and so I leave you with a few pictures of our trip to Assisi!

The beautiful town of Assisi

The streets of Assisi

Our group (from left to right): Alison, Heidi, Elena, Derek, Deborah, Mary, Maria, Thomas, Alessandro, and Nicholas!

Ancient roman columns next to a 13th century tower.

These bricks were placed into the wall of the government building.  They were used as examples of the proper size of bricks to be used in construction.

The Basilica of Saint Francis.  (It is really beautiful on the inside, but unfortunately pictures are not allowed!)

A courtyard in the basilica – it started snowing!

Heidi and Derek listening intently to Alessandro.


2 Responses to “A Day in Assisi”

  1. Renee Says:

    Hello Einolfs! Your blog postings are incredible and make me want to return (maybe one day, i did throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain when I was there). Assisi is my favorite town. I love the facades of the buildings. Every building has petunias cascading down the facade when I was there in the summer. I am curious to know what St. Francis looks like since it’s repair after the earthquake that occurred the summer I was there. It looks good from the outside!

    • einolf Says:

      The basilica is beautiful on the inside – none of the frescoes were damaged in the earthquake. An no pictures were allowed in there unfortunately. However, four people were killed in the church from falling debris during the earthquake, and there is a plaque placed in their honor on the floor where they died.

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