Pasta Making

This morning I had the opportunity to take one of my classes on a field trip to a local pasta maker here in Florence.  The pasta maker sells fresh pasta (must be eaten within four days) to local restaurants and to people who visit the shop.  We learned about the competitive market of pasta making, and the way this pasta maker sells a distinctive product to command a higher price.  A great case study for my Florentine economists!  So after the tour, Thomas made some pasta for our lunch today!

My students listening to our pasta shopkeeper.  They were more interested than they look here!


Good pasta starts with fresh eggs and organic flour! 

Once the dough is made it is pressed flat. 

Then the flattened pasta is put into the cutting machine!

Here comes the spaghetti!

Put it into a pot of boiling water and cook for 3 minutes!  It was really good!


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