Mary DeBitetto arrives in Italy

It was eight-one years in the making – Mary DeBitetto (Maria’s mom) made it to Italy today!!!  She came with my sister, Heidi, and Heidi’s boyfriend, Derek.  Mom (aka Mrs. D and Grandma) grew up speaking Italian at home as her parents immigrated to the United States from Italy in the 1920s.  Mom never before took a trip to Italy, and we are thrilled to have her here!

The trip to Italy almost didn’t happen!  A foot of snow fell on Newark, New Jersey today and the airport was shut down.  Knowing that the snow was on its way, Heidi managed to get the last three seats on a flight to Frankfurt last night.  So Heidi, Derek, and Mom arrived this afternoon! 

Heidi and Derek spent the evening watching Nicholas and Thomas at soccer practice – they were enjoying a few caffés at the bar to keep warm!  Mom went with Maria and the Mount St. Mary’s students to a cooking class – they had a lot of fun!  (Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of that soon from the students.)

Here are some pictures of their arrival!

The paparazzi waiting for the big moment…

Mary DeBitetto is in Italy!

Aunt Heidi waiving to her adoring nephews!

And Derek is looking good after not getting much sleep on the plane!

Heidi and Derek on the terrace in the hotel


The view from Derek’s room is really great!  Beyond the TV antennas is the beautiful Duomo! 


4 Responses to “Mary DeBitetto arrives in Italy”

  1. Judy McElree Says:

    I’m Derek’s sister in northern VT where we really could use the snow the mid-Atlantic region is getting. What an incredible experience for your family, and thank you for sharing it through the blog! Please tell Derek and Heidi we say “hi” and glad they were able to get out of NJ before the storm.

  2. Tim Says:

    How long ’till Derek is wearing a scarf, too?

  3. Julia Singh Says:

    Whoo hooo!!! I am missing Heidi too much here – my sushi buddy in in Italy! I’m guessing she’s not eating any sushi there! I am so glad Mrs. DeBitetto finally made it to lovely lovely Italy. You all look like you’re having a great time – don’t hurry back – it’s all cold a snowy here! Can’t WAIT to see all your pictures!


  4. Catherine Verdi Says:

    Maria!!! My goodness, I just found you by a quick online search this evening. Hope we may get in touch after all this time, be great to talk with you! My email was entered, drop a line.

    Btw, beautiful photos, what a trip! What it ast Feb? Big kiss to Mama DeBititto. My family used to LOVE singing your name whenever you would call the house xox Best to you and your family.


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