Italian Monopoly

We spent a wonderful afternoon with our new friends from the soccer club.  Amy and Giovanni have two children: Gabriele (age 10) and Caterina (age 4).  They are a really nice family and they have been so helpful.  Amy is from California, and she met Giovanni on a study-abroad trip to Florence.  (Who knows?  Maybe some of our Mount students will fall in love and end up living here!)  They cooked us a delicious Sunday afternoon meal.  After dinner Gabriele, Nicholas, and Thomas played a four-hour game of the Italian version of Monopoly.  Caterina entertained us with her singing and dancing.  Maria is in love with Caterina!

Gabriele, Nicholas, and Thomas playing Monopoly

The Monopoly Board


Maria and Caterina 

Thomas and Caterina

Gabriele is Thomas’ teammate on the 1999 team.  Gabriele is a YouTube celebrity – his “goal spettacolare di tacco” (spectacular goal from his heel) is a big hit.  Watch  The entire thing is worth watching because it is hard to see the first time and it repeats as a close-up.  At the end you see Giovanni jumping up and down and cheering!

We are now going to nap so we can get up to watch the SuperBowl in the middle of the night…  Crazy.  There is a group of Mount students meeting at an American pub later.  The Steelers aren’t in it, so I’d rather sleep.  But I was out-voted!


One Response to “Italian Monopoly”

  1. Grandma in Geneva Says:

    Super Bowl sans ads began about midnight here. I have to admit to sleeping thru the third quarter. (We did a lot of walking/sight seeing yesterday and did not take a nap.) Was sure that Thomas was delighted that the Saints won!
    I’m hearing that Bowie is snowed in and expecting more! I hope NJ is in better shape! I’m not even going to ask Heidi!
    See you so soon!

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