Nicholas takes a turn at the blog

by Nick

The first week I was in Italy, I noticed that it was different than I thought it would be like.  First, there is graffiti everywhere!  I thought only the U.S. had graffiti, but I guess I was wrong.  It’s on buildings, trash cans, and signs – it is everywhere.  It’s a good thing, though, that graffiti isn’t on the art here.

Speaking of art, it is beautiful!  I haven’t seen Michelangelo’s David yet, but I really want to.  (Dad says we are planning to go tomorrow afternoon.)  I went to this museum (The Uffizi), and I would have been fine if we would have spent a minute with each painting.  But our tour guide had a different idea.  She spent over five minutes with each painting, and trust me, there were a lot of paintings.  It actually wasn’t that bad.  I liked looking at the paintings.  Overall, it was OK.

One thing I don’t like about Italy are the smokers.  I didn’t think smoking would be that bad, but it’s pretty bad.  I just hold my breath when I walk by a smoker.  Well, at least you’re not allowed to smoke in restaurants or important buildings. 

Now the thing I love about Italy is playing soccer.  It is so much fun!  The players are really good, though.  I’m definitely not the best player – in fact, I’m probably one of the worst players, but it’s still a lot of fun.  Once, in practice, this kid got on a breakaway, and it was just me who he had to get by.  (I play defense.) So he came at me, and he basically flicked the ball over my head.  It was pretty amazing.  Yes, I just stood there like I had seen pigs flying.  Of course, he went right around me and got the easy goal.  But anyway, I love soccer here.  It’s just amazing.

Now, I really like the people here.  Except the taxi drivers are crazy!  They know their way around Florence!  Every street, every alleyway – and they all look exactly the same!  They basicallydrive to just miss walkers, bikers, motorcycles, busses, and other cars.  They also squeeze around everything.  There are these alleyways that barely have room for one small car to pass through and the taxis fly right through them – sometimes as much as 80 kph (kilometers per hour).  That’s 50 mph, but 80 kph sounds more impressive!  Yeah, so if you’ve gone in a taxi in New York City – think of that times ten!

Last, and probably best, I love the food.  Italians eat like kings!  It’s just amazing!  I go into a restaurant, and I get some roast beef.  Now I thought Italians only had good pasta, but this was probably the best roast beef I’ve ever had.  Now here is a story: So it was my birthday last Sunday, and it wasn’t the best birthday at first.  When dinnertime came, I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant.  I even knew exactly what I was going to order…  but it’s closed.  So we go to a restaurant I’ve never been to before.  I was feeling pretty crappy – until the food came!  It was outstanding!  And that was only spaghetti.  I ordered some beef as well, and it was even better! Now, it’s time for dessert, and the waiter had been so nice to me earlier.  I get this chocolate dish with a candle in it.  The waiter and his fellow waiter friends came and sang Happy Birthday to me in Italian.  That made my day!  That’s what food can do in Italy!

So my first week in Italy was pretty awesome!  If I could, I would want to live here.  I love Italy!

Here is a crossing sign that reinforces what I said about the taxis.  It’s not just a sign to show that there is a people crossing ahead – it’s a sign saying that up ahead people will be racing across the street trying to not get hit!


3 Responses to “Nicholas takes a turn at the blog”

  1. Grandma in Geneva Says:

    Great blog, Nick!!!!!
    See you next week!
    Love, Grandma

  2. The Higgins Says:

    Loved to hear your perspective on Italy. Happy Belated Birthday!
    The Higgins

  3. Mr. Hennessey Says:

    Hey, Nick! Happy Birthday! I just wanted to let you know I’ve been showing the geography classes the blog of your family’s adventure. The kids today got a “kick” out of your soccer story. We all enjoy the pictures and hearing about the cultural differences in Italy. I know for me, I would gain a lot of weight in Italy based on what we have been reading about the food! We had an early dismissal today. There is a snow storm moving in. They are calling for between 5-15 inches depending on your location. Looking forward to spring!

    Take care,
    Mr. Hennessey

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