Working in Florence

I got up early today and walked to work – it’s about a twenty minute walk.  I teach in a small classroom in a building near the Piazza Peruzzi.  The students that came here from Mount St. Mary’s on this study abroad program are a really nice group.  Maria and I really feel lucky to be spending these three months here with them. 

Tuesdays are my long day – I teach a 90 minute class in the morning and then a three-hour class in the afternoon.  Both went well today I think.  A funny moment came in my first class – I asked the students to discuss an article from the web about the Italian Economy or the local Florence economy.  One student – who I won’t name – picked an article talking about unemployement in Florence – it seemed like a good article until I realized it was about Florence, OREGON!  We’ll chalk that one up to delayed jet-lag!

Maria and I went to dinner this evening for her birthday.  It was the first time we’ve been alone together without the boys for nine days…  It is great having twenty-six students around to baby-sit.  (Or as Thomas prefers: to man-sit.) And of course we talked about the kids most of the time we were gone!  I think they’ve adjusted well.  Nicholas loves city living.  Thomas bought a scarf today to fit into the local fashion.  EVERYONE wears a scarf here walking around.  Although we have to do something about Thomas’ Steelers hat and coat – they kind of give away the fact that he is not a local! 

We are planning to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday (well Monday really) at 12:20am in a local restaurant.  Nicholas picked the Saints to win after week 1 of the season, and he wants to see them through.  Fiorentina (the professional soccer club here in Florence) plays a match at 9pm Sunday evening, so it may be a double-header of football!



2 Responses to “Working in Florence”

  1. Leah Says:

    I wish I was there to enjoy all the fun things you are doing!!!

  2. Grandma in Geneva Says:

    Now you know why I asked Heidi to knit me that scarf when I got back from Paris! Scarfs are big here in Geneva too!


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