Italian Soccer Parents

Words really can’t describe the dinner we had last evening with the Italian Soccer Club.  But I will do my best – and pictures follow.  We were invited by one of the soccer dads, Giovanni, who is married to an American woman, Amy.  They met many years ago when Amy was on a study abroad program in Florence.  She is from the Napa Valley in California.  Both Giovanni and Amy speak English well, so we felt comfortable.  Many of the other parents spoke at least a little bit of English.  So with our limited Italian, we had no problem fitting in!  Dinner didn’t actually start until 8:45pm, but when the food started coming, it didn’t stop until about 11pm.  The kids had ziti with sauce, tuscan liver patte (really!) crostini, and french fries.  The adults started with spaghetti with a red sauce and seafood (mussels, clams, crawfish) and many different types of crostini: an olive spread, the tuscan liver patte, lemon shrimp, and smoked salmon.  Then came trays of prosciutto, tucsan salami, and turkey.  Then trays of sardines in oil, crunchy salted minnows (who knows what they were but they were good), an octopus salad (gross to look at but it was good), breaded clams, and a bowl of steamed mussels.  And then for dessert – limoncello (my new favorite – it’s a lemon liquor homemade from lemons grown in southern Italy) and homemade tiramisu!  They also brought out some anise liquor and grain alcohol. (We admit that we passed on this last option!)  So now I think HMMS (our soccer club in the U.S.) has to step up its family get-togethers! 

Everyone loved Maria – you can see in the pictures that she fit right in.  Everyone just assumed she spoke Italian – I was the one who looked like an American.  It took us at least ten minutes to say goodbye to everyone.  Kisses, hugs, handshakes – you’d think we had been friends for life!  It was a lot of fun.

The dinner

The boys – notice the Tuscan Liver Patte Crostini


The Italian boys play a version of rock, paper, scissors.  They sing a song as they do it.  If you lose, your opponent grabs your cheek while you play a second round.  If you lose again, the other boy slaps both of your cheeks, and you start over!

Tray of oiled sardines and a plate of various crostinis with octopus salad on the side.

Bowl of steamed mussels

The Italian Soccer Parents

Maria and Maria (the cook)


One Response to “Italian Soccer Parents”

  1. Michael Shepard Says:

    Great blog! The pics of your time so far are amazing! If the boys get signed to the club you may only get a work permit to help the cooks prepare for those soccer dinners so pay attention to how they are prepared and what the server’s role is in the dinner.:):):) We miss you guys and were thinking of you today as Kirk finished his last wrestling tourney and we prepare to move to Richmond this week. I leave tomorrow to do the final walk through and we close on the house Monday at 9 am and movers come Tuesday. Kirk is sad to leave. We have tried to comfort him that he will meet a bunch of boys in Richmond but so far it is nothelping. Enjoy!

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