Today we took a bus ride (about 5 miles) to a small town called Fiesole.  Fiesole is in the Tuscan hills overlooking Florence.  On a clear day, you get a beautiful view of Florence.  Unfortunately, today wasn’t the clearest of days and so we didn’t have the best view of the city.  But at least we know how to get up there, so we can do it again on a sunnier day.  There is an archeological site in Fiesole of an ancient Roman amphitheater and Roman baths that was very interesting to see. (Pictures are below.)  In the afternoon, for the first time, we actually went into a museum.  We’ve spent so much time looking at all the buildings and churches from the outside that is was nice to go in something.  And we picked the best – Galleria degli Uffizi!  I got to see in person so many of the paintings that I’ve been studying over the last year preparing to teach in Florence.  So it was rather exciting for me.  Nicholas and Thomas, on the other hand …. let’s just say their appreciation for Renaissance art is still developing!  Tonight we are going to a dinner at the Soccer Club where Nicholas and Thomas are now playing.  They have a community room at the club where they host dinners and events.  I am getting the sense it is like a country club for soccer (instead of like our country clubs where golf is the sport).  And Nicholas might be playing in a game tomorrow afternoon!  Ciao!

Some views from Fiesole!


Ancient Roman Amphitheater

Ancient Roman Baths – This was once a building with heated baths (ancient hot tubs).  The arches were at the entrance. 

Universal language sign for “Don’t Fall!”  It doesn’t mean “Break-Dancing Allowed Here.”

Nicholas laying in an ancient Roman grave.  Note how short this person was – it was for an adult male.

Thomas doing the same thing – are we bad parents for allowing this?  Will they be cursed forever by the Roman gods?

This was the only picture we were allowed to take at the Uffizi.  It is of the window looking out onto the Ponte Vecchio.

A domani,



2 Responses to “Fiesole”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Awesome pictures!
    Uffizi is the only museum we visited when we were in Florence a long time ago. It houses the original of a painting my mother and uncle both had hanging in their homes.
    We’re at Dulles on the way to Geneva. Your package is in Paris! See you soon! Ciao for now!

  2. Linda Richman Says:

    Smart idea to visit the Uffizi early in your stay. If you want to go again, do so before Easter when it becomes very crowded.

    Loved your pictures of Fiesole. Fun shots.


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