I taught my first class this morning.  I don’t think I put anyone to sleep, so it must have been a success!  Yes, I do have to work here!  After my class, I came home to find Maria, Nicholas, and Thomas just getting up and eating breakfast!  It was noon!  They haven’t yet completely adjusted to our new time zone.  We went to a travel workshop that AIFS conducted at 2pm, and we learned how to use the bus and train system here in Florence.  Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to travel somewhere soon.  At the train station, we saw an Italian McDonald’s (see picture below).  Of course we had to go in and try a Tiramasu milkshake.  We went in because the boys wanted to – it seemed a bit sacrilegious to go in given the unbelievable food in the restaurants in Florence.  We made up for it by going to dinner at an Italian restaurant – Casalinga – that is located about a block from our apartment.  

The McItaly


A clothing store on the streets of Florence had giant Lego figures in the window – obviously to draw Dad and the kids inside while Mom shops…  It worked.  

Thomas took this great picture on our walk today



3 Responses to “McItaly”

  1. Theresa Palkovitz Says:

    Very cool! It’s nice to get to see what you’re up to. Glad you are having fun. I’d NEED all those steps with all the food I’d be eating!!

  2. Robert Richman Says:

    What a coincidence! Casalingua was about a block from our apartment.

  3. Melanie McCormick Says:

    Awesome picture Thomas! I hope you guys are having a great time!! Tell Nicholas I said “hi” and we all miss him at Eagle View!

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