The boys played Italian soccer today!

Just a quick post.  It’s been a long day, and we are all tired.  I teach tomorrow morning, too.  I took the boys to play with Club Sportivo Firenze, a soccer club located about a 30 minute walk from our apartment.  Amazingly, both the 1999 team (Thomas) and the 1998 team (Nicholas) practice Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:30.  How lucky was that?  This soccer-only facility is AMAZING.  It is rather old-looking like most things in Florence.  But they have about six locker rooms, a medical staff person, a weight lifting gym, and an outdoor lighted soccer stadium where the boys practice.  An older boys team, a feeder program for the professional Fiorentina club, was practicing before Nicholas’ and Thomas’ teams practiced.  It was fun watching the boys interact with the Italian boys.  They treated Nicholas and Thomas like they were rock stars.  It was fun listening to them scream “Neeck” and “Toe-mas.”  We were invited to a soccer club dinner Friday night – and they both can play in games this weekend!  Although we may hold off until the following weekend after they get their uniforms.  I was really amazed how welcoming the club was!  And how did Nicholas and Thomas compare?  Most of the Italian boys had amazing foot skills and they played VERY physical.  But Nicholas and Thomas held their own and played quite well.  And I would tell you the truth – this is not just a biased Dad!


5 Responses to “The boys played Italian soccer today!”

  1. John Carbaugh Says:

    Dear Unbiased Dad,

    Please scout, then recruit three to four of the most physical and skilled 9/10 year olds for the Wolverines! Will pay travel expenses and English lessons.

    Glad to hear that went well. Keep the posts coming!


  2. Mom Says:

    Dear proud Dad,

    The boys ought to have a grand time ! Can’t wait to see pictures of them in action!

    Unbiased Grandma

  3. einolf Says:

    You got it! There were some great players on this team!

  4. Melanie McCormick Says:

    Good luck to Nicholas and Thomas!

  5. Oriano Says:

    hello, I read with pleasure your post at the following URL to find the photographs of the events. Sincerely
    The Editor

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